Should you get a pet in college?
My family has had a pet ever since I was about seven years old. When I left for college, there was definitely a void that had previously been filled by Lawrence, a 15 lb. orange striped cat who liked to break skin every time we “played.” Whenever I called my […]

Should You Get a Pet in College?

Tips for College Move-In Day
Move-in day is a rite of passage for all college students. Everyone must experience the full range of emotions, from excitement to fear, as the day nears but the packing is still far from finished. If you’re looking at a room full of things, of which you can only bring […]

Do This, Not That: Move-In Day

How to Be a Good Roommate
As an incoming freshman, there is nothing more exciting than learning who your roommate(s) will be when you get to college in the fall. There’s the initial scramble to find them on Facebook and start talking about the really important stuff, like who is going to bring the TV and […]

How to Not Be a Terrible Roommate