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People grow in all sorts of different ways every day, but we try to cover some of the main ones: growth through travel and study abroad, growth through participating in extracurricular activities on and off campus, growth through academics, and growth through work. Advice in this section is for anyone who wants it, parents included. Here, you will learn how to bolster your résumé, cite your sources, increase your focus, and so much more.

Educando valores: Los beneficios de la amabilidad
Natnan Srisuwan / Muchos valores de la vida que nos han enseñado en el jardín de infantes y escuela primaria pueden irse desgastando si no se fomentan en los años subsiguientes de la educación secundaria e incluso y sobre todo importante, en casa. De hecho, muchos de estos valores […]

Educando valores: Los beneficios de la amabilidad

Why It's Normal to Feel Embarrassment
pathdoc / In a particularly memorable scene in Dirty Dancing, Johnny, the hotshot dance instructor at a resort, asks Billy, another resort staffer, why Baby, a resort attendee, is at a staff-only dance party. Billy tries to take credit and play it off as a date, saying, “She came with […]

Why It’s Normal to Cringe at Your Past Self

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