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People grow in all sorts of different ways every day, but we try to cover some of the main ones: growth through travel and study abroad, growth through participating in extracurricular activities on and off campus, growth through academics, and growth through work. Advice in this section is for anyone who wants it, parents included. Here, you will learn how to bolster your résumé, cite your sources, increase your focus, and so much more.

Visual Learner
Javier Brosch / You may have heard someone describe themself as a visual learner or state that they have to have something in their hands if they want to successfully memorize something. These aren’t just flippant remarks—there really are different styles of learning. Think about it. Do you have […]

What Type of Learner Are You?

Why Colleges Want You to Take a Gap Year
docstockmedia / Note: This post was submitted to Student Caffé by Emmy Defigueiredo. We would like to thank her for her submission and credit her as the author of this blog post. College-bound students considering a gap year are wise to do so. Prestigious universities across the nation believe that students […]

Why Colleges Want You to Take a Gap Year

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