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Hannah earned a BS in Psychology from the College of Charleston, and an MA in applied behavior analysis from Ball State University. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and worked as a therapist for children with special needs for more than five years, but now spends most of her time keeping up with her own toddler. In between playing cars and picking up after her tiny human tornado, she loves to try new recipes, take photographs, and re-watch episodes of "Parks and Recreation" for the 10th time. Hannah lives in Charleston, SC.

Majors and Careers with Jobs in Any City
Forest Foxy / Shutterstock.com As a college student, you may not think about where you’ll live after graduation until your senior year when it’s time to move. Your choice of major, though, can actually impact your options down the line, so thinking about not only what career will make you […]

Majors and Careers with Jobs in Any City

Why (and How) to Start Networking in College
aelitta / Shutterstock.com College, with its wealth of people and information, is a great time to begin building a network of contacts. These contacts can help you later on when you need references for graduate school or a job, are looking for an internship in your field, are traveling to […]

Why (and How) to Start Networking in College

Reasons I miss being in college
oneinchpunch / Shutterstock.com I’ve hit my late-20s, when I’m far enough removed from my time as an undergraduate student that I look back on it like a past life. I remember some of the things I did back then, like watching movies in the dorm common room and napping without […]

14 Reasons Why I Miss Being in College

Are test scores important? You are more than your scores.
Chad McDermott / Shutterstock.com Standardized tests have become an essential part of the college application process, with most schools requiring scores from at least one test. Students who want a spot at the most competitive schools often take more than one test, even retaking tests multiple times throughout the year […]

Why Do Standardized Tests Matter?