Cómo aprovechar un viaje corto para mejorar un idioma
Twinsterphoto / Existen estudiantes que afortunadamente tienen la oportunidad de estudiar en el extranjero por un semestre, un año o la duración entera de sus carreras, y para ello hay muchos recursos, como por ejemplo los programas de “study abroad”. Más allá del título, al cual van a la […]

Cómo aprovechar un viaje corto para mejorar un idioma

How to Prepare for a Safe Road Trip
I like to brag that I’m an expert road-tripper. I have visited all but five states in the U.S. by car and have driven across the country three times since I graduated from college. I can’t say that all of those trips have gone smoothly. In fact, one time I […]

How to Prepare for a Safe Road-Trip

Spring break safety tips
supergenijalac / High school and college spring break trips provide a necessary respite from the stress of college admissions, midterms, standardized test prep, and homework. It’s important to let go, but not to forgo safety practices. Make sure the memories you make are ones that you look back on […]

10 Spring Break Safety Tips

Tips for Packing for College
Leszek Czerwonka / Moving to college is more than changing zip codes. It’s an introduction to a new you, a new home, and a new life. Packing up your things is just the beginning, but it can determine how the start of your semester will go. So, before you […]

Five Simple Tips for Packing for College

Dressing Respectfully: What to Wear When Traveling Abroad
Maridav / I’m just your average white girl. My hair is neither blonde nor brown, and I am neither short nor tall. Many of my clothes come from Target, and I speak an unaccented “American” English. For better or for worse, I blend in when I’m in the United […]

Dressing Respectfully While Traveling Abroad

Cheap Ways to See the World / The life of a college student with wanderlust is a struggle. Study rooms give these students claustrophobia. Summer classes are a ball and chain. They spend their days in the classroom, doodling on their desks and dreaming of all the awe-inspiring places outside of those four walls. […]

Seeing the World on a Shoestring Budget

How to Find a Cheap Plane Ticket for Study Abroad
06photo / There’s no way around it: If you plan to study abroad, you’ll have to shell out some cash for a flight to your host country. International flights aren’t cheap, so do your research well in advance. Sitting in front of your computer and setting a bunch of […]

How to Find a Cheap Plane Ticket for Study Abroad

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