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Gwen is an avid traveler who feels most at home in Kentucky and Argentina. Her closet is full of dark dresses, and her walls are papered in colorful maps. She likes to make puns, read, write, and translate to and from Spanish, and she misses Vassar College, her alma mater, which helped her get better at all of those things.

Dealing with Bedbugs in College
Vlue / When I was a college sophomore, an acquaintance of mine from the adjacent dorm building noticed nasty bites all over his body. He assumed that whatever he was going through was an isolated incident—spider bites, maybe—but what he didn’t know was that other residents in the building […]

Dealing with Bedbugs in College

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview / When I was a college senior, I was desperate to make plans for my future. I was interested in opportunities in Ecuador, Kentucky, New York, and Argentina, but on my student budget and with my class schedule, I couldn’t feasibly travel around the world to interview for […]

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview

No-Fee Student Checking Accounts
guruXOX / If you’re looking for the perfect student checking account that won’t charge you a monthly fee, the good news is that you have options. The bad news is that you have a lot of options—maybe too many. Almost all of the biggest banks and some regional banks and credit […]

No-Fee Student Checking Accounts

Talking to My Parents about a Bad Grade
Orion-v / For high school and college students alike, getting a bad grade can cause disappointment, fear, anger, embarrassment, and grief. Those emotions are difficult enough to manage, but students who have to break the news to their families undergo additional anxiety. Talking to your parents about a bad […]

How to Talk to Your Parents about a Bad Grade

Students enjoy a summer music festival.
Ah, the dog days of summer! No school. Blue skies. Long days. All signs point to one thing: summer music festival season is upon us at last. Many college students spend parts of summer break at music festivals all over the United States, and the photos they post to Instagram—the […]

Preparing for a Summer Music Festival

A student holds up a sign that says "Help!" He's wondering "is it okay to drop an extracurricular activity?"
Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Students often spread themselves thin, sometimes too thin. In addition to taking on heavy course loads—hey, just one AP course or 300-level is a lot of work!—many students work part-time jobs, play sports, maintain active memberships in clubs, volunteer, and study for standardized tests. […]

Why It’s Okay to Drop an Extracurricular Activity