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Navigating your college campus isn’t always simple, especially since there’s so much more to the college experience than academics. We’ve created this section to help you find answers to anything that comes up about student life, from learning the symptoms of mononucleosis to deciding whether you should get a pet. These posts cover common questions about student health and wellness, weekend culture and recreation, cheap ways to celebrate all the big holidays, love and interpersonal relationships, and housing.

Reasons I miss being in college
oneinchpunch / I’ve hit my late-20s, when I’m far enough removed from my time as an undergraduate student that I look back on it like a past life. I remember some of the things I did back then, like watching movies in the dorm common room and napping without […]

14 Reasons Why I Miss Being in College

Eight Business Leaders Who Went to College
Asier Romero / When you hear about Mark Zuckerberg dropping out of Harvard before the booming success of Facebook and about the similar successful dropout stories of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, it might be a tempting thought to follow in their footsteps. Although dropping out worked out for […]

Eight Business Leaders Who Went to College

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