Finishing High School

A student prepares to take high school standardized tests one morning after getting off of the bus.
Standardized tests are notorious for being the bane of high school students’ existence. School-mandated PSAT/NMSQT tests during junior year followed by ACT and SAT testing is enough to induce anxiety, but when you throw on AP exams, IB exams, SAT Subject Tests, and CLEP tests, it seems amazing that anyone […]

Preparing for Standardized Tests

How to Find a Summer Job in High School
Anyone in college admissions will wax poetic about summer jobs. With a summer job, high school students beef up their résumés, use their brains over the summers, and acquire new skills. Students who keep with their summer jobs during the school year are even more impressive. They prove they can […]

Finding a Summer Job in High School

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