Should I pad my résumé?
Cartoon Resource / Résumé padding is the practice of adding untrue or exaggerated information to your résumé to strengthen your credentials and make yourself a more competitive applicant for a position. It’s inherently dishonest, and ethically questionable at best, but it’s quite a popular practice. In fact, according to […]

Why Résumé Padding Doesn’t Always Work

What Is the Difference between a Résumé and a CV?
Abscent / What is a résumé? A résumé is a short (one or two page) document that highlights your qualifications for a particular job. It generally includes your contact information, educational history, and recent and/or relevant job history. You may choose to include sections on any presentations you’ve given, […]

What Is the Difference between a Résumé and a CV?

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview / When I was a college senior, I was desperate to make plans for my future. I was interested in opportunities in Ecuador, Kentucky, New York, and Argentina, but on my student budget and with my class schedule, I couldn’t feasibly travel around the world to interview for […]

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview

How to Choose a Major
Lolostock / If you’re in college and faced with the task of choosing the right major, you’re no stranger to anxiety, second-guessing yourself, and stressing about your future. Your feelings are normal, and many of your fellow sophomores and juniors are struggling with the same uncertainties. Fortunately, while choosing […]

How to Go about Choosing the Right Major

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Trade School
YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Vocational education is practical; it prepares you for a specific skills-based career. Fortunately, now is a great time to join the workforce. Trades will always be necessary to society, the job market is booming, and vocational education is more respected every day. Not to mention that […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Trade School