Claves para una entrevista laboral
Si has egresado satisfactoriamente de la universidad y sientes que es hora de conseguir un trabajo, o si aún estás estudiando y deseas probar cómo será trabajar en el área de tu especialización—o tienes que asistir a una entrevista para la pasantía que tanto has buscado y finalmente encontrado—estas claves para […]

Claves para una entrevista laboral

Turn a Hobby into a Resume Boost
Most of us have a hobby or passion project of some sort. For some, it’s baking; for others, photography, woodworking, or fishing. Still others volunteer at the Humane Society on weekends or spend their free time reading to residents at retirement homes. If you’ve found your niche, how can you […]

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Résumé Boost

Should I Minor in College?
In college, you are required to declare a major, which is your primary subject of study. Your major will have certain requirements for courses you must take in order to graduate. Once you declare a major, typically by the second semester of your sophomore year, your path through college is […]

Are Minors Necessary?

Introducing Breakthrough Providence
Do you ever wonder how people decide to follow a particular career path? What makes some students choose to pursue engineering degrees and others education degrees? Some of the decision-making process is influenced by external factors, like parental expectations, job prospects, and location. Much of it, though, is internal. Do […]

Introducing Breakthrough Providence

In-Demand Vocations That Are Hiring Right Now
Traditional college programs emphasize critical thinking and abstract ideas. In contrast, vocational (or trade) programs focus on training participants on the technical skills necessary for certain jobs. If you're thinking of attending a vocational or trade school after high school graduation, you may already have an idea about what type of training […]

In-Demand Vocations That Are Hiring Right Now

Co-ops in College
Extracurricular and academic experiences in college, like research opportunities, work-study positions, and service learning, can help shape your future career. Gaining experience in your intended field, though, may be the most valuable opportunity there is. It shows future employers that you’re serious about pursuing a position in the field, not […]

Co-ops (Cooperative Educational Experiences) in College

Seven Careers You Didn't Know Existed
We all know about career paths for positions we interact with regularly—we see actors in movies and on television, go to the doctor for regular appointments, and eat food cooked by chefs at restaurants. But many other jobs go unnoticed; out of sight, out of mind. Whether you’re wanting more […]

Seven Careers You Didn’t Know Existed