How to Make a Good College Resume
Some students write their first résumés in high school to get after-school jobs or to apply to certain colleges. But the stakes are higher once you have that high school diploma. You’re an adult now, and your résumé needs to look like an adult’s if you want jobs, scholarships, and […]

Extreme Makeover: College Résumé Edition

How to Pick Elective Classes
Stephen Coburn / Choosing your class schedule can be one of the most exciting experiences of each semester. It can also be one of the most frustrating. Depending on the class, there may be a cap at 100 students, or there may be a cap at 12. And freshmen […]

Choosing Electives with Purpose

Common Interview Mistakes and Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job
We’ve all been there—waiting by the phone for a call that doesn’t come as feelings of frustration kick in at the realization that you didn’t get the job. It’s time to job search, again. Learning to cope with job rejection is important. Before refreshing Indeed, take the time to evaluate […]

Why You Didn’t Get the Job

How to Make a LinkedIn Profile
NIRUT RUPKHAM / LinkedIn is a mecca for job hunting. It’s a place for professionals to display their experiences, connect with colleagues, search for jobs, join groups, and develop skills. The way you utilize the opportunities available through the site can open many doors for you, but first, you […]

How to Create a Great LinkedIn

Keywords for Cover Letters and Resumes
Devrim PINAR / Cover letters and résumés are like Tinder profiles: If they’re not communicating effectively, you can kiss your interview goodbye. The words that stitch together your application submissions are more than just details in the fabric. Your future college and employer (or dating app match) have one […]

Keywords for Résumés and Cover Letters