Should I pad my résumé?
Cartoon Resource / Résumé padding is the practice of adding untrue or exaggerated information to your résumé to strengthen your credentials and make yourself a more competitive applicant for a position. It’s inherently dishonest, and ethically questionable at best, but it’s quite a popular practice. In fact, according to […]

Why Résumé Padding Doesn’t Always Work

What Is the Difference between a Résumé and a CV?
Abscent / What is a résumé? A résumé is a short (one or two page) document that highlights your qualifications for a particular job. It generally includes your contact information, educational history, and recent and/or relevant job history. You may choose to include sections on any presentations you’ve given, […]

What Is the Difference between a Résumé and a CV?

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview / When I was a college senior, I was desperate to make plans for my future. I was interested in opportunities in Ecuador, Kentucky, New York, and Argentina, but on my student budget and with my class schedule, I couldn’t feasibly travel around the world to interview for […]

Tips for Acing Your Skype Interview

How to Choose a Major
Lolostock / If you’re in college and faced with the task of choosing the right major, you’re no stranger to anxiety, second-guessing yourself, and stressing about your future. Your feelings are normal, and many of your fellow sophomores and juniors are struggling with the same uncertainties. Fortunately, while choosing […]

How to Go about Choosing the Right Major

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Trade School
YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Vocational education is practical; it prepares you for a specific skills-based career. Fortunately, now is a great time to join the workforce. Trades will always be necessary to society, the job market is booming, and vocational education is more respected every day. Not to mention that […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Trade School

How to Make a Good College Resume
Some students write their first résumés in high school to get after-school jobs or to apply to certain colleges. But the stakes are higher once you have that high school diploma. You’re an adult now, and your résumé needs to look like an adult’s if you want jobs, scholarships, and […]

Extreme Makeover: College Résumé Edition