A Fashion-Forward Scholarship Opportunity from Trendhim

Trendhim Scholarship for Fashion Students

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Are you looking for an opportunity that gives you a hands-on approach to learning? Have you already found one? Either way, this scholarship opportunity is for you.

The digital world is constantly growing, and with it the number of students that decide to get involved in tech, whether on the business side or the maintenance side. Trendhim, a Danish fashion company, is well aware of this change and the increasing number of tech-savvy students. Because of this, Trendhim wants to contribute to such growth as much as possible. The company is determined to invest its resources in preparing students with a wide array of interests. The digital world is part of nearly everything nowadays (including Trendhim), and a degree in a related area of study can lead anywhere!

Whether you are currently working on your bachelor’s degree or in school for a PhD, as long as you are still in school, Trendhim wants to provide you with a unique opportunity to learn and live to the fullest while studying!

What is the Trendhim scholarship?

If you dream about (or are currently) studying fashion, marketing, sales, information technology, administration, or something related to the online and/or fashion world, Trendhim wants to help you. Aiming to develop in students the areas that they focus on as a company, they are offering a 2000 Euro grant that you can take advantage of once a year. (The value of the Euro varies over time. In 2017, the average conversion rate was 1 EUR to 1.129 USD.)

Trendhim aims to raise standards in the digital world. Therefore, to be considered for the scholarship, your education or project must be related to either the digital or fashion world.

But why would an online fashion shop offer a scholarship? Well, the employees want current students to get involved in Trendhim’s culture and learn about the company, the business side of online retail (fashion, marketing, sales, etc.) and the maintenance side (information technology, coding, and website management). Investing in education, then, is the best way to make experts out of every student who accesses the scholarship opportunity.

Who can apply?

All students in fashion, marketing, information technology, sales, administration, or something related to the digital world and Trendhim are welcome to apply. Not only are undergraduate students encouraged to apply, but those pursuing education beyond their bachelor’s degrees (master’s degree and PhD students) can also apply for this scholarship.

Furthermore, the Trendhim scholarship is available to students worldwide. There are no preferred nationalities; neither are there any nationalities that are barred from participating. Everyone who is studying something related to fashion or the digital world has access to the scholarship. No matter if you are a British student living the American Dream or an American student studying in Paris, you can still win!

This also means that there aren’t any restrictions regarding where you are studying. Attending a college or university abroad will be valued the same as studying in your home country.

To sum up, in case it wasn’t clear enough, Trendhim wants everyone, from everywhere, studying anywhere, provided the course of study is related to the digital world and can contribute somehow to Trendhim’s culture.

What does the scholarship cover?

As mentioned, the scholarship aims to improve students’ knowledge and help them gain experience in their fields of study. Therefore, it will cover costs related to educational purposes, such as travel expenses, conferences fees, and school-related costs.

Who is Trendhim’s ideal candidate?

Trendhim doesn’t have a picture of an ideal candidate. Anyone whose idea or knowledge could change the world could be the ideal candidate. Trendhim will know if you are the one depending mainly on how you want to use the scholarship money (to cover the cost of traveling to and attending an educational conference, for example, purchasing the materials necessary to create prototypes of fashion items, or enriching your education by taking an online class in web design).

All education and improvement will be evaluated in the same way, but Trendhim is looking for motivated students who will help them make fashion and the online marketplace better.

This scholarship gives you the chance to explore your ideas and make them happen.

You don’t have to have the best idea, or even a fully-formed goal; you are still a student. Trendhim employees will evaluate your idea and the benefits that it could potentially have for everyone; they want to help you achieve your goals.

When will the winners be presented?

The scholarship is available once each calendar year. For your application to be considered, you need to submit your materials no later than November 1, 2018. The winner (or winners, depending on the scope of projects and the number of submissions) will be notified on November 15, 2018.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the scholarship application that you will find here: Trendhim Scholarship Application. You must also submit a proposed budget, or a breakdown of the costs associated with your project or education. Then, send your completed application to csr@trendhim.com.

Good luck!

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