Eight Study Tips to Help You Ace the SAT

No one enjoys sitting down on a Saturday morning to take a standardized test, but many of us do it nonetheless, because colleges want SAT scores as part of your application. While there are several colleges that are entirely test-optional and many others that have dropped the SAT or ACT essay requirement, chances are that you’re applying to at least one school that requires you to submit your scores. It’s in your best interest, then, to devote some time to mastering the material that you’ll find on the test. Here are some tips:

Eight Study Tips to Help You Ace the SAT: Take practice tests from Khan Academy, Get 800, or the Critical Reader; practice tests are everywhere, ask your teachers for suggestions too. Know the test's structure; there is one writing, one reading, two math, and, if you choose, one essay section; Look for reading section samples; you will answer multiple choice questions that test your comprehension of the test (in areas of US or world literature, science, social science, and US founding documents); visit collegeboard.org for more information. Study SAT vocabulary words so they are familiar when you see them on the reading section. Study actively; handwrite your notes, study from different books, read outload, and review material before bed; find new ways to keep your mind engaged and to avoid monotony. Take breaks by studying in intervals; according to the Pomodoro Technique, it's best to study in 25-minute intervals with five-minute breaks in between. Maintain your sleep schedule; lack of sleep dumbs you down, makes you forgetful, and impairs judgement; seven to nine hours of sleep reduces anxiety and irritability, enhances learning and eyesight, and improves reaction times; when the body is tired, so is the brain. Feed your head; blueberries, nuts, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate will help you stay awake; avoid junk food that will slow you down.

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The next SAT test date is October 6, but seniors, you’re in luck! You can also take the test on November 3 or December 1 if you’re applying regular decision and want to take it again to see if your scores improve. Juniors, there are three opportunities in the spring of 2019 for you to take the test: March 9, May 4, and June 1, and of course, you’ll have opportunities during the fall of your senior years as well!

Good luck!

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