Seven Reasons to Submit Early Action Applications to Colleges

Information from this article previously appeared here. We’ve revisited this topic to remind students about upcoming EA deadlines.

Early action (EA) is an admissions policy that allows prospective freshmen to get a head start on the college application process. Applicants who have taken standardized tests and completed all other application requirements early might consider applying EA to one (or all!) of the schools on their college short lists.

And the early bird really does get the worm in this case. By submitting EA applications well before the regular application deadline, you can receive your admissions decision (an acceptance, a rejection, or a maybe) in December of your senior year.

But you probably already know that. If you’ve been thinking about applying early action, it’s time to get a move on. EA deadlines usually fall November 1 or 15, which is coming right up. Students who have already taken standardized tests, written the first drafts of their essays, and requested letters of recommendation might still have time.

Need a little motivation as you scramble to finish up your applications? Here are seven reasons to commit to applying EA:

Seven Reasons to Apply Early Action infographic

Text by: Gwen Niekamp; Design by: Heidi Fitzgerald

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