Preparing for college

The path to higher education starts way before your senior year of high school, often as early as your freshman year. These blog posts will cover the questions you have about finishing high school, the college admissions process, and financial aid. But not everything in this section is for high school students. You’ll learn about money management and standardized tests for prospective graduate students. Plus, we’ve thrown in a bit of history about higher education in the United States so you know what you’re getting yourself into. From finishing high school to paying for college, we have you covered.

imple Ways to Build Your Savings Account
If you’re putting yourself through school, even with the help of scholarships and grants, it’s easy to feel like you’re hemorrhaging money—especially if you know that you have student loan payments waiting for you after graduation. Building your savings account, then, may not be your top priority. It’s important to […]

Simple Ways to Build Your Savings Account

Scholarships for Students from Ohio
As you might already know, scholarships and grants are given to students to help pay for college. Unlike student loans, scholarships and grant money are often no strings attached and don’t have to be repaid! (This holds true unless something unforeseeable happens, like you dropping out of school or failing […]

Scholarships for Students from Ohio

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