Preparing for college

The path to higher education starts way before your senior year of high school, often as early as your freshman year. These blog posts will cover the questions you have about finishing high school, the college admissions process, and financial aid. But not everything in this section is for high school students. You’ll learn about money management and standardized tests for prospective graduate students. Plus, we’ve thrown in a bit of history about higher education in the United States so you know what you’re getting yourself into. From finishing high school to paying for college, we have you covered.

Are test scores important? You are more than your scores.
Chad McDermott / Standardized tests have become an essential part of the college application process, with most schools requiring scores from at least one test. Students who want a spot at the most competitive schools often take more than one test, even retaking tests multiple times throughout the year […]

Why Do Standardized Tests Matter?

How to Take Advantage of College Orientation
areebarbar / As summer progresses, incoming college freshmen (and transfer students!) are getting closer and closer to orientation. At small colleges, orientation often occurs shortly before the start of the semester, maybe a week before everyone else arrives back on campus—you’ll meet your RA, move in to your dorm […]

How to Take Advantage of College Orientation

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