Gwen Elise

About Gwen Elise

Gwen is an avid traveler who feels most at home in Kentucky and Argentina. Her closet is full of dark dresses, and her walls are papered in colorful maps. She likes to make puns, read, write, and translate to and from Spanish, and she misses Vassar College, her alma mater, which helped her get better at all of those things.

How to Make a Good College Resume
Some students write their first résumés in high school to get after-school jobs or to apply to certain colleges. But the stakes are higher once you have that high school diploma. You’re an adult now, and your résumé needs to look like an adult’s if you want jobs, scholarships, and […]

Extreme Makeover: College Résumé Edition

How to Win at the College Fair
If you’re a high school student, your mailbox has surely been flooded with colorful college brochures. The pictures of their campuses start to blend together. Guy throwing Frisbee on the quad. Professor pensively listening to a student. Woman at library poring over her books. What college does that describe? According […]

How to Win at the College Fair

Dressing Respectfully: What to Wear When Traveling Abroad
I’m just your average white girl. My hair is neither blonde nor brown, and I am neither short nor tall. Many of my clothes come from Target, and I speak an unaccented “American” English. For better or for worse, I blend in when I’m in the United States. That all […]

Dressing Respectfully While Traveling Abroad

How to Find a Summer Job in High School
Anyone in college admissions will wax poetic about summer jobs. With a summer job, high school students beef up their résumés, use their brains over the summers, and acquire new skills. Students who keep with their summer jobs during the school year are even more impressive. They prove they can […]

Finding a Summer Job in High School