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How to Win at the College Fair
If you’re a high school student, your mailbox has surely been flooded with colorful college brochures. The pictures of their campuses start to blend together. Guy throwing Frisbee on the quad. Professor pensively listening to a student. Woman at library poring over her books. What college does that describe? According […]

How to Win at the College Fair

To Rush or Not to Rush into Greek Life on Campus
When you’re thinking about college, joining a fraternity or a sorority may be one of the first things to come to mind, after academics and freedom, of course. But not all colleges and universities actually offer Greek life to their students, and some campuses only offer certain chapters. Rice University […]

To Rush or Not to Rush into Greek Life

Tips for College Move-In Day
Move-in day is a rite of passage for all college students. Everyone must experience the full range of emotions, from excitement to fear, as the day nears but the packing is still far from finished. If you’re looking at a room full of things, of which you can only bring […]

Do This, Not That: Move-In Day