The Story of Student Caffé: The Source for Information on Higher Education

What is Student Caffe?

Student Caffé began as a father’s dream. A man without a college degree, he recognized the importance of higher education and wanted to support his children in their pursuit of it. He envisioned a website that would guide them and their peers through admissions, financial aid, and college life. To make it a reality, he hired a group of young college graduates to research and develop content. We quickly recognized the lack of attention paid to nontraditional students and alternatives to four-year college on most higher education websites. Determined to reach a broader audience, we expanded our content to include articles for students without documents, service members, adult students, and transfer students. We developed additional sections for those interested in community college, vocational education, online degree programs, gap year programs, and the military. Finally, after a year in development, we launched in March 2016. We have been growing our library of resources ever since. Recently, we have partnered with a native Spanish speaker to ensure that our material is accessible in two languages.

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