15 Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull on Campus

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Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, which means no one can be trusted, not even the shy, nice guy who lives down the hall. Prepare some pranks, or you might be the victim of something epic. If you choose the former, we’ll help you get your shenanigan juices flowing. These (mostly) tasteful April Fools' Day pranks are guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether it’s maniacal cackles of revenge or playful holiday giggles, no one has to know.

We’re not judging you, you’ve basically waited all semester for this day. You’ve been dealing with your roommate’s annoying habits: dirty clothes all over the floor, embarrassing party tricks, and painfully loud snoring. You’ve been doing homework assignments, taking last-minute quizzes, and getting scolded by your teacher in front of the whole class. Oh, and let’s not even get started on the RA who keeps telling you to turn your music down. Today is the only day that your payback will be considered a joke, not revenge, so take full advantage of it.

What can you do to give your good pals a laugh today? We’re glad you asked.

  • Put food coloring capsules in the showerheads (you can get them at craft stores or Walmart). When someone takes a shower, his or her skin turns colorful. The capsules take about 30 seconds to dissolve, so your friend won't notice what's happening until it's too late! -- Megan C.
  • Mess with the dry erase board. Here’s a hint. -- Megan R.
  • Sign your friend up for online dating and make him or her sound really interesting. -- Katelyn
  • Hijack a friend’s iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. On the “Shortcut” line, you can pick any commonly used word: no, yes, hey. Whenever your friend types the word, his or her phone will autocorrect it to the phrase of your choice. -- Gwen
  • If your roommate usually naps after class, trick him into thinking he slept through the night. Close all the curtains in your room and set the clocks forward to the next day, including the one on his phone. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and switch off the “Set Automatically” function to change the date and time manually. Wake your roomie up and warn him that he’s running late for his morning commitment. Time warp! -- Megan R.
  • Remind your friend that there is no need to rush to work today. Plastic wrap his or her car. -- Katelyn
  • In fact, why even leave the building? Tie a string around the doorknobs of rooms that are directly across from one another. -- Katelyn
  • Send a friend a link that looks academic, but actually have the link direct to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Excellent rick-rolling. -- Megan C.
  • Tradition has it that if you own a plot of land in Scotland, you may title yourself as Laird, Lord, or Lady. Pick on your poshest friend. Get the rest of the group to pitch in to buy that person one square foot of land in Scotland, available for the low price of €29.99. Constantly address your friend by his or her new Scottish title. Your friend will be confused and frustrated until the big reveal. -- Gwen
  • Organize a flash mob with your classmates. Assign someone to ask your professor a question using song lyrics. Then, begin playing the song on concealed speakers. One by one, join in with the choreography you’ve been practicing. Your teacher will get a free show and a lot of laughs! -- Megan R.
  • Duct tape airhorns in the most fitting places (e.g., behind doors and couches) and watch your friends jump for joy when they see you. -- Katelyn
  • Help your teacher with the lesson by covering the classroom’s chalkboard with Post-it notes. -- Gwen
  • Clean your buddies up with the classic shampoo trick. You know the one we’re talking about. -- Megan R.
  • Put saran wrap between the bowl and the seat of the toilet. Classic and disgusting. -- Megan C.
  • If you’re hoping to pull a good-natured prank, sign a friend up for some of the dozens of freebies that are available online. Certain websites keep track of current free sample offers. Your friend will constantly have an overflowing mailbox, but she won’t be too mad; some of those free samples are really nifty. -- Gwen

Are you planning any epic pranks at your school? Share the laughs in the comments and tag us on social media! Then checkout this list of pranks that live eternally in the April Fools’ Day Hall of Fame.

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