April Fools’ Day Videos: Pranks That Made It into the Hall of Fame

Happy April Fools’ Day! If you have some tricks up your sleeve, we’re wishing you all the best. Otherwise, heed our warning: Take caution today. You just might be the target of a prank. Trust no one.

It’s common knowledge that pranks are always funnier if you aren’t on the receiving end of them. So, get in the holiday spirit by enjoying a laugh at the expense of someone else.

If we had an April Fools’ Day Hall of Fame, these evil geniuses would have their portraits painted and framed in gold on the walls. However, that addition didn’t make it through budget cuts this year, so we’ve produced this list of April Fools' Day videos instead.

The Golden Globe for Roommate Revenge 

Joe Thatcher of YouTube fame was tired of—and from—his roommate’s obnoxious snoring. He used those sleepless, late nights to plot his revenge.

 The Payback Award

Professor Stephen Barrows used to humiliate students whose phones went off in class by making them answer the calls on speakerphone. “That’ll teach ‘em,” he thought, and it worked. Until it didn’t. On April Fools’ Day 2014, his macroeconomics class at Aquinas College conspired against his antics. 

The Most Valuable Prankster

Clemson University’s quarterback, Cole Stoudt, posed as a mannequin to scare teammates—and any unsuspecting passersby. 

The Class Clown Trophy

This one goes to Tyler Caverly of YouTube. He and his friends pranked their high school science teacher with a bluetooth speaker.

The Most-Well-Played-Prank-by-Any-Teacher-Ever Award

Be careful. Teachers want to join in on the fun, too. Professor Matthew Weathers hid some tricks in his lecture presentation at Biola University. Well done, Mr. Weathers. Well done.

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